Starting Player on holiday from 13th May to 5th June 2015

Starting Player will be on holiday from 13th May to 5th June 2015, 24 days in all. Yippee!

Our online store will remain open while we are away. We can probably pack and send out orders received on or before 10th May 2015 before we leave for our holiday. You can still make orders during our absence, but we will only be able to pack and mail them after we return.

Demonstration sessions for Three Kingdoms Redux

We would like to thank Neil Helmer and Blake Morris who have volunteered to demonstrate Three Kingdoms Redux at the following events:

1) Event: TableTop Day in Canada (Demonstration by Neil Helmer)
Date: 11 April 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Brimstone Games
3298 Walker Rd.,
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 3R8
+1 519-915-5556

2) Event: DollarCon (Demonstration by Blake Morris)
Date: 25 April 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Venue: Three Chopt Church of Christ
9500 Three Chopt Road,
Richmond, VA
(Venue believed to be the same as previous years, to be confirmed by organisers)

Do take part in the events if you are interested to attend the demonstration sessions for Three Kingdoms Redux!

Interview by Peer Sylvester

We were interviewed by Peer Sylvester, a fellow BGGer who is also a game designer. He is one of the designers of Wir sind das Volk!. The interview was conducted in english and Peer had taken the time to translate it to german. A big thank you to Peer for the time taken to conduct the interview with us. 🙂

For those interested in reading the interview, you may click on this link.