Welcome to Starting Player

We are a married couple who enjoy board gaming. We have been board gaming infrequently since young, progressing to become serious board gamers in 2009. Exposure to a wide variety of board games led to much discussion on the strategies and designs of these board games. That was also when we started to toy with the idea of designing our own games. This culminated with the creation of Starting Player. We hope to expose more people to this hobby via our game designs.

Both of us maintain active accounts on boardgamegeek.com, with usernames tinang and Yeoster. Do drop us a note to say hi!

Latest News

Capstone Games and Starting Player Announce Race for the Chinese Zodiac Agreement!

We are excited to announce that Starting Player and Capstone Games have entered into

Demonstration session for Three Kingdoms Redux at Games Sunday! #90 : National Day Special

We will be holding a demonstration session for Three Kingdoms Redux at Games Sunday!

Digital Version of Three Kingdoms Redux

Starting Player is pleased to announce the release of the digital version of Three