Our Name : Starting Player

We hope to introduce board gaming to more people via our board game designs, thereby creating more “Starting Players”. “Starting Player” is also a common term used in board gaming, referring the player who starts the game or a round. It is interesting to note that different games have different rules to determine the starting player. We have created a list exploring some of these rules. Interested readers may view the list here.

Our company name and logo focuses on what makes board gaming fun and enjoyable: People! Since taking up board gaming, many strangers have become our friends. We have also introduced this hobby to our family and existing friends. Many a great time have been had together.

To give our board games a unique identity, our logo will be used as part of the design for the starting player token/card in our board games.

Our Logo

The focus of the logo, a person, emphasises the social aspect of board gaming. People are after all what make board gaming fun. The person is formed by the numerals 1 to 9, hinting at the vital connection between board gaming and numbers.

In addition, the person is wearing a top hat to advocate our belief that board gaming is a social activity best enjoyed when carried out in a gentlemanly manner, i.e. board gamers do not cheat and play more for fun than to win.

Lastly, cards and meeples are common board game components. The whole logo is designed to look like a poker card, but with the number 1. The number 1 card of course does not exist in a normal poker deck. Number 1 is chosen because of the name Starting Player, and not to emphasize winning. Board game components form the vital link between board gaming and people, and their inclusion in the logo alludes to this link.

Our Mission : Reconnecting people, Reactivating minds

We hope to reconnect people, be it friends or family, temporarily disconnected due to the demands of life.

We hope to reactivate minds, be it young or old, temporarily numbed by the technology around us.

Here is a video illustrating the ill-effects of technology on our lives:

So let’s make that effort to reconnect with our friends and families, and to reactivate our minds!

Contact Details

If you have any enquiries on our board games, feel free to drop us an e-mail or geekmail to our BoardGameGeek accounts.

Our e-mail addresses: auntie@startingplayer.com and uncle@startingplayer.com

Our BoardGameGeek accounts: tinang and Yeoster

Our BoardGameGeek designer pages: Christina’s page and Keng Leong’s page