Legend has it that a long time ago, mankind was ignorant, to the extent of not knowing how to count or tell apart the years. The ever-benevolent Jade Emperor wanted to help mankind out. From there, the idea of a 12-year cycle and naming each year of the cycle after an animal was born.

But how should the Jade Emperor choose 12 animals from among so many animals in the living world, while remaining impartial? To resolve this equitably, the Jade Emperor decided to hold a race involving all animals on his birthday. The first 12 animals to cross the river and reach the Heavenly Palace will have a year named after them, in the order of how they finished the race. The race became known as The Great Race and the 12-year cycle was named the Chinese Zodiac.

Race for the Chinese Zodiac is a board game that recreates The Great Race. Pick your favourite animal and race with other animals. Earn karma and gather energy during the race. Put these to good use and take desired racing actions to race ahead of other animals. But beware, for the other animals are plotting to do the same. Outwit them and earn extra movements at their expense. Get outfoxed and lose valuable movements to them instead. The first animal to complete the race will earn the coveted right of having the first year of the Chinese Zodiac named after it!

Playing Time: 40 – 70 minutes

Number of Players: 3 – 5

Age: 8+

Card Size: 6.5cm by 10cm

Game Rules: